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is a full-featured device that includes a software intelligent module and external USB video camera. This device can be easily integrated to any digital screen and turns it into powerful intelligent advertising complex capable of analyzing the audience of viewers in real time, adapting broadcasted content to this audience of viewers and other external factors according to preset triggers and scenarios.

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The SAB device is capable of

Transform the display of ads

in real time depending on the received information about the viewer

Target ads

by gender, age, accessory or piece of clothing (for example, all people with glasses)

Increase or decrease the duration of the commercial

depending on the interest of the viewer , transformation advertising plots depending on the viewer’s emotions and external factors, interacting with the viewer (for example, invite him to express his attitude to the product)

Generate personalized messages

or promotional offers to individual viewers or a group of viewers, and also constantly collect statistics for further analysis by the advertiser of effectiveness advertising companies. All information received is depersonalized.

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Main functions of SAB

Audience analysis

  • Viewer demographics (gender, age)
  • The duration of visual contact with the advertising medium (engagement)
  • Emotional response to content (loyalty)
  • Complex of external factors

Broadcast control

  • Translation adjustment depending on the received data and on preset triggers for various scenarios
  • Content display variability depending on audience engagement and emotional response


  • Non-contact interaction of the viewer with the advertising medium due to gesture recognition
  • Ability to receive feedback from the viewer

It is assumed that in interactive SAB scenarios

an advertisement is not a whole video file but is divided into N fragments located in the "scenario tree".

A move towards a specific "branch" of the scenario depends on the audience's reaction

Advertising content
Fragment 1
Result of initial response analysis
Fragment 2/1
Shortened video
Next step response analysis result
Fragment 3/1
Fragment 3/2
Shortened video

Without SAB


Low accuracy of audience analysis


Impossibility of real-time targeting


There is no information about the reaction of the viewer to the broadcast content


No simple interaction mechanisms


No transparent performance evaluation mechanism

Became possible with SAB


Real-time targeting capability


Targeting by gender, age, interest


Getting feedback from the viewer


Possibility of adaptive smart advertising


Constant collection of statistics for analysis

Targeting ads by gender, age and emotions

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Application area

Shopping centers
Transport hubs
Objects of culture and sports
Smart city infrastructure